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  "These books are fantastic!"

"These books are excellent! It is nice to read books with my daughter that relate to her allergy and how important it is to be careful - but in a non-scary way"

"The books are very attractive and will definitely help younger children understand some of the issues of having a severe food allergy. They will be very helpful to friends and relatives coming to terms with managing risk, and contribute to getting people to take food allergy seriously, without making it too scary"
Hazel Gowland, Food Advisor - The Anaphylaxis Campaign

"We use copies of the Freddy the Mouse books in our Montessori nursery school. The books bring this topic to life in a likeable format which children respond to well. The summaries at the end give our staff the opportunity to open up discussions"
Hampshire-based Montessorri Nursery
Navigation "These books are great tools - I would recommend that all carers have one"
Mother and childminder

"What a useful tool! I'm looking forward tomore Freddy titles to help me deal with other issues in such an easy and sweet way. Thank you, this is such a great format for education"

"The Freddy books give just the right amount of detail for 3-6 year olds: enough to be informative, without being upsetting. My six year old daughter absolutely loved them!"

"I love the set! Great teaching tool!"
Preschool manager


"I love the modern style of the Freddy books - my son loved the stories and the summary at the end gave a perfect opportunity for me to continue a useful discussion with him on the topic"

"A great book! My son found it engaging and it has helped us to raise his awareness of the seriousness of allergies, using language, pictures and characters that he can relate to. The messages are clear, concise and he can remember and readily repeat them"

"The Freddy the Mouse books are just what is needed for staff and parents alike. With these books we are able to convey key messages in a non-threatening way to all children - not just those who are living with severe allergy. We look forward to adding to our Freddy collection in due course"
Hampshire-based Nursery School

"Thank you for the joy that our son had with us reading him the Freddy story"

"It made me feel happy because I'm not the only one with allergies"

"I love Josie's book and how special it made my daughter feel. I love that it is another step to raising allergy awareness and that it presents allergies as serious, yet manageable. The book is a brilliant way for parents and teachers to talk openly about what it means to be allergic in a non-threatening, playful way"
Mother and Allergy Blogger

"Great books! I have a son with a nut allergy, and finding child-friendly books that discuss these issues is fabulous...well done Josie"

"My little girl has suffered with 5 severe food allergies since birth and these books were an amazing find"

"Just bought one of your books as my child suffers multiple allergies and I am so pleased I did! I will certainly recommend your books to other parents/teachers"

"I loved the books and the doors that they open for an honest and comfortable conversation about food allergies with a young child"

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