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  Freddy the Mouse
The children in your life will fall in love with Freddy...

Freddy is a friendly little mouse who lives on Plum Farm. He has a long tail and a pink nose, which he twitches when he gets excited. He lives in a little mouse hole, which has a shiny front door, and his favourite food is blackberry and apple pie.

Freddy lives in a garden which is full of animal friends, and every day they have new adventures together.

Freddy's best friends are Mrs. Brambles, the hedgehog, and Bluebell, the fairy. Mrs. Brambles is always cooking delicious food for the baby Brambles and they are always having fun. There are so many baby hedgehogs, Freddy can never count them all...

Come and meet Mrs. Brambles, Bluebell, and all of Freddy's friends, in the Freddy the Mouse books...

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